Enquanto isso…


Dick: Hey Damian, I saw that you have a Facebook page now.
Damian: Yeah, I was kinda forced to.
Dick: …So, are you going to add me as a friend?
Damian: No, Grayson, I really don’t want to get more into it.
Dick: Oh, okay… So I’m not your friend, then?
Damian: You are my friend.
Dick: But you just don’t want to add me as a friend…
Damian: Grayson, it’s just a stupid click of a button, it takes two seconds.
Dick: Right, but you don’t have the two seconds, or…
Damian: I just want to work on my Robin files!
Dick: Alright, fine… … … … … ….Just to be clear, you and I are not friends?
Damian: Alright Grayson, I’ll add you!
Dick: Oh cool! Okay.

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